XML Object Template

(Write the version number of the game when you made the tests)

This is a template page for documenting XML objects. Edit this page and copy paste the code into your new page.

All pages should have as title "XML <ObjectName>"


List the files where we can find the objects. The root directory is "Elemental/Data/English"

Related Objects

Some objects are linked with other objects. List the linked objects, link to the page if there is one and explain briefly why:

XML <ObjectName>: Write here the reason of the link.


Each data of the object should be detailed. If you there are some properties that you do not know or do not understand, do not write anything. Here is a property layout example:

<DataName>: Write a description of how it works here.

Sub Object <ObjectName>

Some objects have sub groups of information. Instead of making a separate page to make information harder to find, you can insert sub objects here and detail their properties.

<DataName>: Write a description of how it works here.

Tricks and Tips

If you have any special trick or tips to give to the people, write them here. Separate your tips in different subjects and label each of them.

Trick Name: Write the description here.

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