XML <ForestType>


This object is used to define how the forest will look like on the 3D map. There is not much to define in <ForestType> most of the work is done in <TreeType>.


Core Tiles/CoreForest.xml

Related Objects

XML <TreeType>: Defines the trees used by <ForestType>
XML <EnvironmentType>: The environment determines which forest type is used.
XML <ElementalMap>: There is some <ForestData> in the maps that refers directly to a <ForestType>


<Tree>: This is a reference on the <TreeType> objects. Simply place the name of the <TreeType>. You can use this property multiple times, it allows you to say that the indicated <TreeType> will be used in this forest. The <TreeType> are selected randomly from the list you supply them.

<MaxTreesPerTile> & <MinTreesPerTile>: This value is only valid for <TreeType> which does not cover the full tile. In that case, these variables determines how many chunk of trees should be displayed on each tile. The higher the value the more trees there will be. If you set a range of value, the number of tree chunk will be determined randomly.

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