Xml <EnvironmentType>


This object controls the various environments on the map. Each square of the map is composed of a terrain (forest, desert, mountain) and an environment (Barren, Desert, Arctic). These 2 elements are combined together to get a grid of possibilities including weird combination:

Barren Forest
Desert Forest
Arctic Forest
Barren Desert
Desert Desert (Yes, that is weird)
Arctic Desert
Barren Mountain
Desert Mountain
Arctic Mountain

This is why the Environments are connected with the terrain types.



Related Objects

XML <TerrainType>: Each terrain type links to all <EnvironmentTypes> available.
XML <ForestType>: Define the type of forest that will be used by the environment.


<DisplayName>: This is the name of the environment shown in the map editor.

<DisplayNameShort>: This is the name of the environment shown to the player during the game. If you do not want the environment to be displayed, you can simply write " ".

<Forest>: This is the <ForestType> object to be used when trees must be placed in that environment.

<SnowLevel>: This is the minimum height required before showing snow on the top of the mountains.

<WaterColor_RedChannel> & <WaterColor_GreenChannel> & <WaterColor_BlueChannel>: This is color modifications that can be done to the oceans. To leave the color intact, set all values at 1.0.

<CliffModelTexture>: Filename for the texture used on the side of the cliffs. There are 2 or 3 cliff texture available, located in "Elemental/gfx/cliffs".

<SnowcapTexture>: Filename of the texture used for painting snowcaps.

<ClothMapColor>: When an area change of environment, the cloth map takes a tint. For example, grasslands makes the cloth map green. This variable allow to set the color the cloth map will take. There is 4 values: Red,Green, Blue, Alpha. For example, it could look like this:


Note that in order for the tint to appear, you must set the cloth map color in the game option to a high value. Else you will not see much.

Tricks and Tips

Removing Environments: Removing environments will make the game crash, so if you want to make environment dissapears, you must replace them with something else. The task must be done in 2 steps. First replace the content of the <EnvironmentType> object you do not like with the content of another <EnvironmentType> object that you like. For me, I decided to copy the grassland environment everywhere.

Then you need to modify the <TerrainType> Objects. See that object's page for more information.

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