The Sovereign

0.22 9/20/2009

Alot/most of this information is out of date. I'm going to comment out the old stuff for reference for now but I expect most of it to be gone once the page is finished. -Ifandbut 08/25/2010

The sovereign is the player's avatar in the game world, who represents an extremely powerful magic user — 'channeler' — who commands one of the various factions in Elemental. If a player's sovereign is defeated, then that player is defeated. The sovereign gains experience by defeating enemies. Once the sovereign gains a certain amount of experience, he or she increases in level, gaining bonuses to his or her various attributes. In addition to the standard set of attributes, the sovereign also possesses essence, a representation of the sovereign's magical power. Essence, called Wisdom in the Create Sovereign menu, determines the maximum amount of mana that can be used to cast both Tactical and Strategic spells.

The player can chose to play as any of the ten pre-made Sovereigns or create their own.


  • Found Kingdom (B)
    • Can only be used once. Founds the faction's first city. All other cities must be made with Pioneers.
  • Auto Explore (E)
    • Toggle. Sets the Sovereign to automatically explore undiscovered areas.
  • Attack Unit (A)
  • Equipment Screen
    • Displays the gear your Sovereign currently has on hand.
  • Guard (G)
  • Pass Turn (Space)
  • Shop
    • Can only be used within friendly influence. Shop at the local market for weapons, armor, and other useful items.
  • Trade
    • Must be next to a friendly Champion. Trade items between your Sovereign and the Champion.

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