The Main Map

07/08/2011 V1.2a

When you first get in to a game in the beta, you are presented with the cloth map. This is the main interface for the game.


Control Basics

Camera Control

To move your view around on the map, left click and drag in the direction you'd like to move. In theory you can also move by moving the cursor to the edge of the screen, but this isn't working as of yet.

To zoom in and out, use the mouse wheel. Down zooms out, up zooms in. By default, the zoom will center around your mouse cursor, so point it at what you want to zoom in on. You can change this behavior by changing the setting in the gameplay settings menu. You can also zoom using the + and - keys on your keyboard.

To rotate and tilt the view press and hold the middle mouse button. Horizontal movement will rotate the map, vertical movement will tilt the map.

At any time you can press C to center the camera on the object you have currently selected.

Unit control

To control a unit, you have to select the unit with the left mouse button. When selected, the unit will be highlighted to indicate it is active, and the status bar at the bottom will show relevant information for it.


To move your unit, simply right click on the map where you'd like it to go. If the location is in range, the unit will move there. If not, it'll move as close as possible, and the game will put a marker on the ultimate target. The unit will continue to move towards its target each turn, until it reaches its destination, or you give it a new target.

Movement marker.

Empire Information

In addition to information on the currently selected unit, item, city, etc there is also some information about your overall empire displayed on the screen.

The bar across the top of the screen shows total population, current gold reserves (used to build structures and train units), and resources (as more resources are available, more will show up here).


The command bar on the bottom of the screen changes depending upon what is selected. If nothing is chosen, the faction commands will display:


If a unit is selected, the unit commands will display:


And if a settlement is selected, the settlement commands will display:


Unit/Settlement Info

The upper left hand corner of the screen features information on your units and settlements, so you can check on it any time you wish even when it isn't selected. Units will only show up when they are not stationed in a city.


It shows an image of every unit/army not stationed in a settlement and all of your settlements.

Other Controls

There are two other major controls of note in the cloth map interface:

Kingdom Info Button

kingdom_info_button.jpg This button calls up the Kingdom Info screen where you can manage various aspects of your kingdom (such as creating units) and get status reports.

End Turn Button

turn_button.jpg This button ends the current turn, same as pressing the space bar or enter key.