1.08 09/3/2010

Players can research a variety of technologies in Elemental. Technologies can be researched on the 'Research Technology' game screen. Players can acquire different ranks of a given technology, which offer a variety of benefits — including building, weapon, and research unlocks — and one-shot and progressive bonuses. Technological progress requires the expenditure of research points, which are generated automatically.

In-order to begin to research your settlement must first build a Study or your Sovereign must have the Brilliant talent.

Kingdom Tech Trees (pdf)


The Kingdom is struggling to bring civilization back to Elemental. It has been a century since the Cataclysm and much knowledge has been lost. Our scholars are trying to recover as much as they can as quickly as they can.

Technology Name Requires Technology Unlocks Improvements Unlocks Items Leads To Unlocks Bonuses
Civics Market Specialization
Specialization Civics Town Hall Administration
Administration Specialization Palace Economics
Economics Administration Bazaar
Mint of Ruvenna
Trade Center
Refined Economics
Education Economics School Housing
Housing Education House Literacy
Refined Housing
Literacy Housing Hosten's Library Higher Education
Refined Education
Higher Education Literacy University
Refined Education Literacy Research Production (+10%)
Refined Housing Housing Housing Bonus (+10%)
Refined Economics Economics Increased Gildar production (+10%)
Entertainment Specialization Pub Hospitality
Hospitality Entertainment Inn Spectacle
Spectacle Hospitality Great Theatre Refined Entertainment
Refined Entertainment Spectacle Prestige Ability (+10%)
Harvesting Irrigation System Guilds
Guilds Harvesting Guild Tribunal Farming Guilds
Mining Guilds
Farming Guilds Guilds Farming Guild Superior Farming
Superior Farming Farming Guilds Granary Refined Farming
Refined Farming Superior Farming Food Production (+10%)
Mining Guilds Guilds Mining Guild Smelting
Smelting Mining Guilds Smelter Blacksmithing
Blacksmithing Smelting Blacksmith Refined Mining
Refined Mining Blacksmithing Metal Mining Ability (+10%)
Production Great Mill Construction
Construction Production Construction Yard Refined Production
Refined Production Construction Materials Production (+10%)
Seafaring Harbor


We must be prepared to defend ourselves. The world of Elemental is fraught with peril. The Kingdom must be ready for any eventuality.

Technology Name Requires Technology Unlocks Improvements Unlocks Items Leads To Unlocks Bonuses
Logistics City Defenses Party
City Defenses Logistics Hedge Wall Sieges City Defense
Sieges City Defenses Catapults
Unit Action: Lay Siege
Catapults Sieges Catapult Fortresses
Fortresses Catapults Fortress
Forts City Defenses Fort
Training Fortifications
Unit Quaters
Fortifications Training Watchtower Squads Unit Action: Fortify (F)
Settlement Action: Raze
Squads Fortifications Movement Squad
Movement Squads Veteran Troops Agility (+1 Movement point)
Veteran Troops Movement Company Veteran
Company Veteran Troops Advanced Tracking Company
Advanced Tracking Company Elite Troops Agility (+1 Movement point)
Elite Troops Advanced Tracking Elite
Unit Quarters Training Barracks Command Posts
Command Posts Unit Quarters Command Post War Colleges
War colleges Command Posts War College
Equipment Armor
Mounted Warfare
Superior Equipment
Mounted Warfare Equipment Mounts
Superior Equipment Equipment Accessories
Weaponry Equipment Weapons Armor
Ranged Weapons
Armor Weaponry Armor Blunt Weapons
Cutting Weapons
Blunt Weapons Armor War Hammer Light Armor
Cutting Weapons Armor Weapons Light Armor
Light Armor Blunt Weapons
Cutting Weapons
Armor Mighty Blunt Weapons
Mighty Cutting Weapons
Mighty Blunt Weapons Light Armor Battle Hammer Heavy Armor
Mighty Cutting Weapons Light Armor Longsword Heavy Armor
Heavy Armor Mighty Blunt Weapons
Mighty Cutting Weapons
Armor Expert Armor
Expert Blunt Weapons
Expert Cutting Weapons
Refined Defense
Refined Weaponry
Expert Armor Heavy Armor Armor
Expert Blunt Weapons Heavy Armor Lord Hammer
Expert Cutting Weapons Heavy Armor Weapons
Refined Defense Heavy Armor Unit Defense Bonus (+10%)
Refined Weaponry Heavy Armor Unit Attack Bonus (+10%)
Ranged Weapons Weaponry Cedar Shortbow Advanced Archery
Advanced Archery Ranged Weapons Cedar Longbow


Long ago Elemental was filled with magic. The titans locked the magic of the world into the four elemental shards. Recovering knowledge of magic will give us access to new spellbooks and better ways to acquire spell knowledge.

Technology Name Requires Technology Unlocks Improvements Unlocks Items Leads To Unlocks Bonuses
Arcane Research Monastery Arcane Mastery
Arcane Mastery Arcane Research Abbey of Izil
Tower of Ereog
Advanced Spellbooks
Advanced Spellbooks Arcane Mastery Expert Spellbooks
Refined Arcana
Access to new spells
Expert Spellbooks Advanced Spellbooks Master Spells Access to new spells
Master Spells Expert Spellbookx Required for Magic Victory
Refined Arcana Advanced Spellbooks Arcane Production (+10%)
Shard Harvesting Shard Shrine Shard Mastery
Shard Mastery Shard Harvesting Temple of Essence
Channeling Magical Equipment Unit Essence Bonus (+10%)
Magical Equipment Channeling Accessories Magical Forging
Magical Forging Magical Equipment Accessories Arcane Weapons
Arcane Weapons Magical Forging Accessories Arcane Armor
Arcane Armor Arcane Weapons Armor Refined Channeling
Refined Channeling Arcane Armor Unit Essence Bonus


Elemental is a dangerous place. By learning more from passing adventures we can gain access to better quests, as well as identify some of the great beings of power that still lurk in the land. Such knowledge also brings great danger in the form of powerful beasts re-awakening.

Technology Name Requires Technology Unlocks Improvements Unlocks Items Leads To Unlocks Bonuses
Recruiting Heroes Increase NPC level
Heroes Recruiting Legends Increase NPC level
Legends Heroes Refined Charm Increase NPC level
Refined Charm Legends Cheaper Recruiting (+10%)
Quests Ancient Lore Increase Quest level
Ancient Lore Quests Ruin Delving Increase Notable Location level
Ruin Delving Ancient Lore Ereog's Journals Increase Quest and Notable Location level
Ereog's Journals Ruin Delving Dungeoneering Increase Notable Location level
Dungeoneering Ereog's Journals Breon's Letters Increase Quest level
Breon's Letters Dungeoneering Quest of Mastery Increase Notable Location level
Quest of Mastery Breon's Letters Required for Quest Victory
Exploration The Lost Bounty New Resources
The Lost Bounty Exploration Lost Maps New Food Resources
Lost Maps The Lost Bounty Rare Resources New Resources
Rare Resources Lost Maps Secrets of the Nemesis New Metal Resources
Secrets of the Nemesis Rare Resources New Crystal Resources


It is not necessary for the Kingdom to face the world completely alone. Through diplomacy we can negotiate treaties and opprtunities with other realms.

Technology Name Requires Technology Unlocks Improvements Unlocks Items Leads To Unlocks Bonuses
Trading Caravan Negotiations Trading
Negotiations Trading Dynasties Trade Champions
Dynasties Negotiations The Ties that Bind Arrange Marriages
The Ties that Bind Dynasties Diplomatic Capital from Arranged Marriages
Treaties Influencing
Unlikely Friends
Trade Treaty
Technology Treaty
Influencing Treaties Embassy Alliances
Alliances Influencing Refined Diplomacy Alliance Treaty
Refined Diplomacy Alliances Diplomatic Capital (+10%)
Outreach Influencing Missionary Hall
Unlikely Friends Treaties Spider Nest Pariden's Ally
Pariden's Ally Unlikely Friends Shrill Hive The Third Race
The Third Race Pariden's Ally Drath Village A Dance with Dragons
A Dance with Dragons The Third Race Dragon Roost

Empire Tech Trees (pdf)


The Empire is struggling to establish unquestioned sovereignty on Elemental. Controlling the hordes is no easy task, but the greatest among us work tirelessy to relearn what was lost to strengthen the nation.

Technology Name Requires Technology Unlocks Improvements Unlocks Items Leads To Unlocks Bonuses
Harvesting Fungi Storehouse Agriculture
Agriculture Harvesting Granary Refined Farming
Superior Mining
Wood Working
Refined Farming Agriculture Food Production
Superior Mining Agriculture Smelter Refined Mining
Refined Mining Superior Mining Metal Mining Ability (+10%)
Wood Working Agriculture Craft Shop Refined Wood Working
Refined Wood Working Wood Working Materials Production (+10%)
Proper Living Shanty Bartering
Bartering Proper Living Barter House Money
Trade Centers
Money Bartering Imperial Mint
Trade Centers Bartering Trade Center Exchanges
Exchanges Trade Centers Curgen's Exchange Refined Bartering
Refined Bartering Exchanges Money Making


The weak exist to be ruled over. The world of Elemental is fraught with those ready to be exploited. The Empire must be ready to ascend to power.

Technology Name Requires Technology Unlocks Improvements Unlocks Items Leads To Unlocks Bonuses
Armies Garrisons
Warrior Castes
Garrisons Armies Garrison Warrior Temples
Warrior Temples Garrisons Warrior Temple
Tools of War War Council Armor
Superior Tools
Defense Tools of War Armor City Defenses
City Defenses Defense Wooden Wall General Armor
General Armor City Defense Armor Battle Armor
Battle Armor General Armor Armor Castles
Castles Battle Armor Castle Master Armor
Refined Armor
Master Armor Castles Armor
Refined Armor Castles Unit Defense Bonus (+10%)
Offense Tools of War Weapons Slaying Weapons
Slaying Weapons Offense Weapons Piercing Weapons
Piercing Weapons Slaying Weapons Bows Smithing
Smithing Piercing Weapons Weapons Refined Weaponry
Victory Weapons
Refined Weaponry Smithing Unit Attack Bonus (+10%)
Victory Weapons Smithing Weapons
Siege Offense Catapult Unit Action: Lay Siege
Navies Harbor


Elemental was once home to many sorcerers of great might. After the Cataclysm, those who wield magic are rarer and thus more powerful then ever. The Empire must take advantage of this.

Technology Name Requires Technology Unlocks Improvements Unlocks Items Leads To Unlocks Bonuses
Lore Mastery Tower of Sorcery Spell Books
Spell Books Lore Mastery Arcane Weapons
Arcane Experiments
Arcane Armor
Access to new spells
Arcane Weapons Spell Books Accessories Advanced Spellcasting
Advanced Spellcasting Arcane Weapons Essence Transferrence
Essence Transferrence Advanced Spellcasting Tower of Titans Book of Mastery
Refined Essence Use
Book of Mastery Essence Transferrence Refined Arcania Needed for Magic Victory
Refined Arcania Book of Mastery Arcane Production (+10%)
Refined Essence Use Essence Transferrence Unit Essence Bonus
Arcane Experiments Spell Books Accessories
Arcane Armor Spell Books Armor
Shard Harvesting Temple of Essence
Shard Shrine
Shard Domination
Shard Domination Shard Harvesting Tower of Souls
Sion Temple Sion Temple Items


Elemental is home to many fallen of great command and skill. By recruiting them we stand to empower the Empire to greatness.

Technology Name Requires Technology Unlocks Improvements Unlocks Items Leads To Unlocks Bonuses
Morrigan's Notes Umber's Diary NPC Level Increase
Umber's Diary Morrigan's Notes Curgen's Journal New gold resources.
Curgen's Journal Umber's Diary Legend of the Bane NPC Level Increase
Legend of the Bane Curgen's Journal Kir-Tion's Codex NPC Level Increase
Kir-Tion's Codex Legend of the Bane Refined Charm New metal deposits.
Refined Charm Kir-Tion's Codex Cheaper Recruiting (+10%)
Mapping Destiny's Scrolls
Myth Making
Notable Location Level Increase; More monsters
Destiny's Scrolls Mapping Treasure Hunting Notable Location Level Increase; More monsters
Treasure Hunting Destiny's Scrolls Notable Location Level Increase; More monsters
Myth Making Mapping Plundering Quest Level Increase; More monsters
Plundering Myth Making Demon Lairs New notable locations revealed; More monsters
Demon Lairs Plundering Quest of Mastery Demon Lairs revealed
Quest of Mastery Demon Lairs Required for Adventure victory
The Old Order Temple of the Titans Order of Zaleth Notable Location Level Increase; More monsters
Order of Zaleth The Old Order Zaleth's Treasury Keepers of the Telenanth
Keepers of the Telenanth Order of Zaleth Temple of the Telenanth Items Order or Islidar
Order of Islidar Keepers of the Telenanth Islidar's Bounty Keepers of the Faith
Keepers of the Faith Order of Islidar Temple of Knowledge Order of the Emerald
Order of the Emerald Keepers of the Faith Emerald Palace Keepers of Avarice Bonuses
Keepers of Avarice Order of the Emerald Temple of Avarice Order of Draginol
Order of Draginol Keepers of Avarice Order of Draginol New shards revealed


The Empire need not stand alone against foes. Through Cooperation we can negotiate treaties and opportunities with other realms to further our agenda.

Technology Name Requires Technology Unlocks Improvements Unlocks Items Leads To Unlocks Bonuses
Reunion Darkling Camp Lady Umber's Legacy
Lady Umber's Legacy Reunion Umderdroth Pack Pariden's Demise
The Other Side
Pariden's Demise Lady Umber's Legacy Drota Citadel
The Other Sice Lady Umber's Legacy The Demon Gate
Trading Caravan Advanced Trade Routes Trading
Advanced Trade Routes Trading Increased
Negotiation Dynasties
Dynasties Negotiation Arrange Marriages
Persuasion Negotiation Consular's Palace Treaties
Treaties Persuasion Propaganda Trade Treaty
Technology Treaty
Propaganda Treaties Alliances
Alliances Propaganda Indoctrination Alliance Treaty
Indoctrination Alliances Umber's Temple Refined Diplomacy
Refined Diplomacy Indoctrination Increases Diplomatic Capital