Modding Intro

1.01 8/23/2010

Elemental: War of Magic was built to be modded by a wide variety of people, from people who haven't ever written a line of code before to the hardcore full conversion modders. This will be facilitated by the number of available Workshop tools that Stardock has released are a Tile Editor, Map Editor, and Particle Editor. More tools are currently planned. The vast amount of changes that can be done via the XML files directly, without using editors if you desire.

Sometime after release Stardock plans to release the game's SDK (Software Development Kit) that will allow modders to do full conversions of the game's engine. They have mentioned someone could be able to change the game from TBS to RTS. It was also mentioned that Stardock will release a comprehensible guide on modding that will cover many aspects of using the XML, and as of Beta 4 Frogboy has released several starters Guides that serve as an example on how simple it is to modify some aspects of the game by using XML.

In this section we will cover all modding related info currently known and available, including info on the Tile Editor, Map Editor and the guides that Frogboy posts in the developers journal.

Workshop Tools

The Workshop is a collection of built-in editors that allow just about anyone to play around with creating custom assets that can be used in a variety of ways. As of version 1.0 the current Workshop tools available are the Builder's Forge, Cartographer's Table and the Particle Cauldron. These are new names for the previously announced Tile Editor, Map Editor and the Particle Editor, in their respective order.


Frogboy Guides:

Mod Week Begins In this link he tips us on how to change the speed of arrows.

Modding Guide Basics on what we will be working with as of Beta 4.

Part 1 - The Basics Tips on rules to follow when Modding and info on objects.

Part 2 - Factions Example on how to create your own faction using XML

Goodie Huts Creating Goodie huts using XLM and a custom tile made with the Editor.

Builder's Forge:

Also known as the tile editor, with this cool feature you can make custom tiles using in game 3D assets. Even cooler is the fact that you can use these tiles in multiple ways, for example you can make new goodie huts, city improvements and just cosmetic tiles that you could add to your custom maps made using the map editor.

Cartographer's Table:

Also known as the Map Editor, this powerful tool allows for the creating of truly unique maps that if used in tandem with the Builder's Forge, could lead to having epic maps that are completely different from anything that anyone else has created. With a bit of XML tweaking the size of the maps can only be limited by your current hardware.

Particle Cauldron:

This tool allows you to make custom effects which could be used for your own custom spells, or you could just add it to a custom tile to make it look more impressive. It is less documented and harder to use than the other two tools, but still fully functional. It can be considered a more "advanced" tool at this point.

Faction Creator:

Don't feel like using the 10 preset factions? Don't despair! With this tool you can customize your own faction which includes from the color theme to the strengths and weaknesses.