Known Issues

0.29 2/26/2010

Copied from this post. Please check the forums for current info.

Internet access is required.
In order to keep everyone on the same page and allow the developers to update the data without needing to stage an entirely new build, the beta requires internet connectivity in order to download data files at runtime. Ensure that you are connected and that the game is allowed through any firewall apps you have; apparent startup hangs or in-game oddities can result if you do not. This is only a requirement of the beta, and will not be present in the final version.

Minimum video card requirements.
Elemental will require a DirectX 9.0c video card. While it currently uses Shader Model 2 only and will probably work on DirectX 9.0 a/b cards, we will not be guaranteeing that it will. Listing of video cards and which versions they support are available for ATI, Nvidia, and Intel (9.0c chips are those that list Shader Model 3.0). More specific requirements have not yet been set, so your technical and performance feedback will be helpful in determining them.

Video driver versions.
Even if you are not encountering any obvious issues, it is vitally important that you use the latest video drivers available from your video card/chipset manufacturer (ATI/Nvidia/Intel). If you do run into a problem down the line, updating them is one of the first things you'll be asked to do if they're not reasonably recent. We really don't want to see complaints followed by debug.err files noting drivers from 2005!

Emulators and virtualization.
We will not be supporting running the game under emulation of any kind. This includes Wine, VMware, Parallels, and any other emulation systems. If it works, great, but we will be concentrating solely on issues present in a normal Windows environment.

Windows 7 DirectX errors.
Attempting to run the game under Release Candidate versions of Windows 7 will yield an error at startup. You can ignore this and proceed with the game; it is an issue in the Windows 7 RC builds and Microsoft has fixed it in RTM/Final.

Game uses Arial font.
The game appears to not be correctly installing the fonts on many systems. You can copy them from the fonts folder to Windows\Fonts manually to install them if the game is not using the styled font.

Other crashes or graphic anomalies.
If you encounter any crashes or severe graphical issues, please report then through our bug tracking system as described in the stickied beta reporting guide. Resolving any such issues is one of the primary goals of this first beta phase.

Reported Bug Roundup
The regularly updated roundup of issues that testers have previously reported is available at

Latest Changelog
As of version 0.23, the latest changelog as well as notes about some prominent issues that we are working on for the next build are available in the latest dev journal.