General Beta Information

0.98 8/3/2010

Getting in to the Beta

After Beta 4 went live, Stardock closed access to new beta testers.

Current Status

Elemental is currently in Beta 4, which is the final beta. It is due to be released in less than a month. There may be a couple more minor beta changes, but large changes will not be seen until the actual release of the game.

Release Date

Elemental is scheduled to be released August 24, 2010.

Game Changes

The design of Elemental is not finalized at this stage. As such there may be major changes before the game is released. Information on the wiki should be taken only as documentation as to what is happening now, not how things will be for the release. Also because the wiki is unofficial and community edited, it isn't always up to date. If you notice information here differs from what you see in the game, check the update version at the top of the page. It may well be quite out of date. In that case, please feel free to join and update the information. However please don't complain to Stardock, they don't maintain this, they are busy making the game.