1.01 8/23/2010

The Gameplay screen changes game settings, as you might imagine. Settings on this screen generally seem to take effect immediately, not requiring a restart.


Skip Intro Cutscene

Default: Off

This disables the introductory Stardock logo and movie.

Use Tool Tips

Default: On

Tool tips are popups next to the mouse cursor when you hover over items in game. Leave this on unless you've a good reason.

Tool Tip Delay

Default: 0.25s

The time, in seconds, you must hover in a location before the tooltips appear.

Draw Grid

Default: Off

The world of Elemental is laid out in a series squares. This will draw the boundary lines between them on the map.


Smart Player Colors

Default: Off

Causes the selection square to change colors based off of what it is selection. when disabled it is always red, when enabled it is blue for allies, yellow for neutral units and red for everything else.

Cloth Map Only

Default: Off

Enabling this limits the game to only its cloth map with pewter figurines. This is useful on low end systems as it is much less graphically intense.

Cloth Map Zoom Level

Default: 80

This controls how far out you must zoom before the game goes to cloth map mode. A setting of 100 is the same as cloth map only mode (though it doesn't run quite as fast). A setting of 0 goes only to cloth map at the absolute max zoom out level.

Editor Cloth Zoom Level

Default: 70

Same as above but controls the zoom level on the cartographer's table, rather than the main game.

Cloth FOW Brightness

Default: 20

Controls how bright the fog of war areas are on the cloth map. At zero they are completely black, at 100 they are only slightly dimmed. Please note this is aesthetic only, it doesn't change if you can actually change the fog of war distance.

Clip Cursor in Fullscreen

Default: Off

When enabled, the game will keep your cursor from going off the current monitor, if you have a multi-monitor setup. Only active in full screen.

Edge Scroll Speed

Default: 100

Presumably controls how fast the map scrolls when you mouse to the edge.

Edge Scroll Delay

Default: 0.5s

The delay, in seconds, before the game will scroll when the cursor is moved to a screen edge.

Cloth Map Env. Color Intensity

Default: 1

Sets how saturated the environment colors are on the cloth map for things such as land being forsaken or reclaimed. At zero there is no coloring, at the default of 1 you can just see a hint of color. At 100 it is clearly visible.

Disable Zoom Limiting

Default: Off

Unknown what this does.

Enable Auto Turn

Default: Off

When enabled, you will immediately advance to the next turn when all your active (on the map not in a town) units have used their moves up.

Enable Quick Move

Default: Off

When enabled units no longer show movement animation. This both speeds up the rate at which the pieces move, and runs better on low end hardware.

Use Localized Data

Default: On

When enabled, this option tells Elemental to use data for your native language, if it has it. When disabled the game will be in English no matter what.

Use Mods

Default: Off

Enabling this allows the game to use mods you've downloaded.

Follow Selected Unit

Default: Off

When you move a unit, the screen will move with the unit if this is turned on. Otherwise, it'll maintain whatever view you currently have.

Auto Select Next Unit

Default: On

When enabled and your current unit runs out of moves, the game will auto select the next unit that has moves available.

Show City Level-Up Message

Default: On

When a city gets bigger, you get a message. This turns that off.

Zoom to Cursor

Default: On

When you zoom in, using the mouse wheel, it will center the zoom on the current location of the mouse cursor if this is enabled. If you disable, it just zooms in to the current center of the screen.

Enable City Build Mode Zoom

Default: Off

When enabled, your display will zoom in and overhead on a city when you choose to construct improvements. When disabled your view will not change.

Enable Auto Save

Default: On

When enabled, the game will automatically save after a specified number of turns.

Turns Until Auto Save

Default: 5

Controls how often the game creates a new autosave.

Tact-Battle Threshold

Default: 4

This sets the minimum number of enemies that must be present before the game will spawn a tactical battle. If there are less, it will be resolved on the strategic map automatically.

Screen Shot Format

Default: JPG

Tells the game what format to write screenshots (taken by pressing the Print Screen key) in. Your choices are:

  • JPG. (JPEG) Extremely common compressed format. Good choice unless you've a reason for something else.
  • BMP. (Bitmap) Old uncompressed 24-bit format used by Windows. No real reason to use this.
  • TGA. (Targa) An uncompressed or losslessly compressed 24-bit format used by some pro software. Again not so useful.
  • PNG. (Portable Network Graphics) An 8/24-bit lossless format. Good choice for highest image quality, if you are going to edit it later.
  • DIB. (Device Independent Bitmap) A BMP file, without the BMP header. Only useful for certain programming related apps.