**07/08/2011 V1.30 **

Factions in Elemental are split between the Kingdoms of Men, who channel life magic, and the Empires of the Fallen, who channel death magic. Within these categories, factions are differentiated by their backstories and racial bonuses. There are currently twelve pre-designed factions, split evenly between the Men and the Fallen. In the final game, players will be able to design their own factions. This page will be updated as the game develops.

Kingdoms of Elemental

Kingdom of Altar

Altar is the melting pot of the kingdoms of the West. Welcoming all races and creeds, Altar values accomplishment rather than pedigree. Its people are fiercely independent and have little tolerance to being told what to do.


  • Resourceful - Kingdom starts with 10 material and 10 metal.
  • Wanderlust - Kingdom starts with Exploration technology.

Kingdom of Capitar

Capitar is the most prosperous of the kingdoms of the West; its wealth derives from the vast riches controlled by the legendary traders of Serrane. It was one of those great traders, Duke Walderon I, and then his son, Walderon II, who helped to maintain law and order in the years after the Cataclysm.


  • Educated - +10% worldly knowledge.
  • Industrious - +10% metal production.
  • Entrepeneurs - Kingdom starts with Trading technology.

Kingdom of Gilden

Gilden occupies the southern portion of the Western continent. To the west and north are the Lesser Skarps, which form the boundaries of this land. Tan-takreet, in the north, on the shores of Lake Zabril, is the kingdom's capital and center of commerce. To the east is the Lombard Desert, which grows every year in size.


  • Master Smiths - +25% metal production.
  • Civics - Kingdom starts with Civics technology.

Kingdom of Pariden

New Pariden was founded by Queen Procipinee, daughter of Amarian III. Prior to the Cataclysm, Procipinee had been ruler of the free cities of the Northern territories of what is now the East. After the Cataclysm, she fled to the West and founded the city of New Pariden on the western shore of the continent, north of the ruins of Coriopolis. It soon became a kingdom of the same name.


  • Civilized - Costs less to establish a settlement.
  • Influential - Increases the strength of your influence and size of your territory.
  • Adepts - Kingdom starts with Arcane Research technology.

Kingdom of Tarth

Tarth was a land once thought to be worthless, but its swamps and rock plains along the Capacean Bay have newfound value. Formerly a part of Capitar, Tarth was granted indepenence after its slaves revolted. The country's wealth has since grown, though many say that Lady Irane has yet to distribute that wealth to her people.


  • Egalitarian - Can design male and female units.
  • Brave - All units start with more health.
  • Great Warriors - All units have increased combat speed.

Empires of Elemental

Empire of Kraxis

Kraxis is the land of traitors. Its people are mainly descended from the soldiers who comprised the Great Army of Mankind that marched on the Dread Lord Curgen's fortress at Imperium. They make their living dealing with the very Fallen who slaughtered their ancestors. The majority are settled in and around the port town of Tanacabra, on the Bay of Capacea.


  • Educated - +10% worldly knowledge.
  • Habitation - Empire starts with Proper Living Technology.
  • Siegemasters - City walls reduce effects of attack.

Empire of Magnar

Magnar is a land of waste and devastation, spreading out like a stain from what remains of fabled Imperium, source of the Cataclysm that destroyed the world. The mountain range previously known as Morrigan's Spine extend throughout the land like tentacles. Its foothills and peaks spread east to the ruined coast of the Great Sea, and south to the Plains of Balbalona, the once fertile crescent of land that fed the Dread Lord's empire.


  • Educated - +10% worldly knowledge.
  • Influential - Increases the strength of your influence and size of your territory.
  • Cartographers - Empire starts with Mapping technology.

Empire of Resoln

Resoln is a land of rock and crag, of earth and stone, and of Fallen warriors as harsh and unforgiving as the land they inhabit. In the west, along the water, the coasts are sheer cliffs a thousand feet high, where the continent itself split. The Fallen who live here congregate around a single town, Hagudst, hewn from the rock itself over the course of a hundred years.


  • Death Worship - +10% HP.
  • Adepts- Empire starts with Arcane Research technology.

Empire of Umber

Umber is the remnant of the great empire once ruled by the most cunning of all titans, the Lady Umber. Much of the greatest devastation wrought by the Cataclysm happened here. The twin mountains that split Umber in two, the Voylin and the Herdara, are as wide as the Spine, though barely half the height of those great peaks.


  • Industrious - +10% metal production.
  • Negotiators - Empire starts with Negotiation technology.


  • Uneducated - -20% on worldly knowledge.

Empire of Yithril

Yithril is the only land that escaped much of the destruction of the Cataclysm. Though full of jungle, swamp, grassland and forest, it contains a desert to the North, called the Fist, which serves as the border between Yithril and Kraxis. The Fist spans the width of the country.


  • Great Warriors - All units have increased combat speed.
  • War Machine - Empire starts with Tools of War technology.


  • Supersticious - Decreases arcane knowledge learning ability.
  • Arrogant - Makes it more difficult to recruit champions.