Faction Creator

**07/08/2011 V1.30 **


Elemental includes a Faction Creator that allows players to make their own, custom factions. It can be accessed through the main menu by clicking Workshop and then Faction Creator.

The first thing to do when creating a new faction is to specify some basic information regarding the faction.


Faction Name - Faction full name, i.e. Kingdom of Aral or Empire of Aral

Short Name - Name of the faction without the Kingdom/Empire of attached to it, i.e. Aral.

Ideology - Kingdom or Empire - Affects the technology tree that the faction will use as well as what units are available. For example Kingdom will have access to Horses where Empire will utilize Wargs. Also determines whether your faction has access to the Life or Death spellbook.

Crest - The logo that will serve as the standard for your faction.

Race - Race to use as the template for the units in your faction. Does not appear to be dependent on Ideology selection. There is a picture of a unit that will change based on the race selected.

Once the basics are specified you will have 10 points available in order to define the strengths and weaknesses of your new faction. Choosing a strength will subtract a number of points, denoted below in parenthesis, from the total number of points. Choosing a weakness will add a number of points, also denoted in parenthesis, to the total number of points.


  • Wanderlust — Kingdom/Empire starts with Exploration/Mapping technology. Cost: 4
  • Entrepreneurs — Faction starts with Trading technology. Cost: 4
  • Weathered Warriors — Kingdom/Empire starts with Training/Garrison technology. Cost: 4
  • Adepts — Faction starts with Arcane Research technology. Cost: 4
  • War Machine — Kingdom/Empire starts with Equipment/Tools of War technology. Cost: 4
  • Negotiators — Faction starts with Negotiation technology. Cost: 4
  • Habitation — Kingdom/Empire starts with Civics/Proper Living technology. Cost: 4
  • Death Worship — +10% HP. Cost: 2
  • Industrious — +10% metal production. Cost: 3
  • Diplomatic — Faction receives relations bonus. Cost: 6
  • Egalitarian — Faction can train male and female warriors. Cost: 1
  • Resourceful — Faction starts with 10 material and 10 metal. Cost: 3
  • Master Smiths — +25% metal production. Cost: 5
  • Influential — Increases the strength of your influence and the size of your zone of control. Cost: 1
  • Siege Masters — City walls reduce effect of attacks. Cost: 2
  • Brave — All units start with more health. Cost: 2
  • Great Warriors — All units have an increased combat speed. Cost: 8
  • Civilized — It costs less to establish settlements. Cost: 1
  • Educated — +10% Worldly Knowledge. Cost: 2
  • Master Scouts — Units have a greater line-of-sight. Cost: 3


  • Arrogant — More difficult to recruit champions. Cost: -1
  • Uneducated — -20% Worldly Knowledge. Cost: -2
  • Superstitious — Decreases arcane knowledge learning ability. Cost: -2


[BUG] NOTE: As of the current version the Appearance section appears to be pretty heavily bugged. Specifically in that the colors that you select on this screen will not be saved correctly for your faction. In the sections below I will indicate what tags need to be added to the faction XML file that is created in your gaming folder for Elemental(default is My Documents\My Games\Elemental\Races). All colors will be expressed in an RGB or RGBA format. I recommend using the color pickers on this screen (on in some other graphics editor such as Paint.Net, mspaint, GIMP, etc) to choose the colors you want and then not them on a scrap of paper for transference to your faction XML file.

Faction color - The main color for your faction, shows up for flags, map color, dialog screens,on the dashboard, etc.

Clothing 1 color - Pimary color for clothing. Corresponds to the "light" clothing items, such as Warrior Shirt (Light). Main color for vests, robes, shirts, etc.

Clothing 2 color - Secondary color for clothing. Main color for pants, skirts, dresses, etc. Tends to correspond to the "dark" clothing items, such as Warrior Shirt (Dark), although some "dark" items will remain a dark brown, gray or black.

Metal color - The color for weapons, armor and other metal items shown on units.

Primary color - Main color for the finished walls of city structures.

Secondary color - Main color for the unfinished walls (under construction) of city structure as well as some other items in the city, such as fence posts and chimneys.

Roof color - The main color for your buildings roofs. Each building's roof will actually be in a tiled pattern to resemble roofing tiles or shingles.

Map color - Cannot be changed at this time (bug?). Appears to actually be the value for skin tone.


This is a section allows you to enter a description of your faction. It appears that this cannot be edited once the faction has been saved and then loaded.


Done - Exits the Faction Creator without saving.

Load - Loads a saved faction for editing.

Save - Saves the new/edited faction.