Editing Guide

1.01 8/23/2010

Notice the bold text at the top of this page. When you edit a page, the most important thing is to make sure you update this text. This gives the version of the game the page applies to, and when it was last edited. In this way, people have an easy reference to tell how up to date the information is. If the current version is 0.40, and a page is for 0.22, well they know that the info there is probably not accurate anymore. Please make sure you change this, and time you redo a page.

Please keep all information related to playing/running the game. This is a guide to help players figure out how to play and mod the game. Bug reports don't go here, put them where the developers can see them.

Please try to use pictures to illustrate stuff in game when appropriate. It really does help people to see what you mean, rather than just having to read text and figure it out. If you need an easy and free image editor go grab Paint.NET. Save images in JPG format, unless there's a good reason, and set the compression to a reasonable level. I find 90 works pretty well and looks good. No reason to send multi-megabyte files to people just for illustration purposes.

In general, just try to keep this to a "How to make stuff work" guide that is up to date for the current version.

Dealing with images

In general, we want to host images on this wiki, rather than another site. We don't want to have problems with the site being down or banning hotlinking or something. To upload an image, go to the page you want it on, scroll to the bottom and look down at the right. There's a button that says "files". Click that, and you'll be able to upload files.

Note: Files apply to the current page only, so upload them to where you want to use them. This may be changeable, but I'm going to leave it this way because it keeps things more orderly. So just make sure you are putting files on the right page.

In general, use JPG images, compressed a reasonable amount. While there's plenty of storage space, and that can be upgraded, not everyone has a big net connection and there's no reason to slam them with large pictures.

In the event you need transparency, or details are being obscured by JPG compression, go ahead and use PNG.


These should be JPG generally. Crop them to show just what is needed, don't show a lot of extra stuff. If you need to show an entire screen, you probably want to resize it down a bit so it isn't too large. Putting some text on them to illustrate what you are trying to show is a good idea too. Generally run the game in 1024x768 when taking screen shots as it keeps the UI a reasonable size so people can see what you are pointing them to.


JPG is fine here too, but PNG is often a good choice since it has transparency. Try to make them 64x64 pixels, unless there's a reason they need to be larger or smaller. In general, you want to take it from the original game asset file, rather than editing a screenshot.