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Starting your Dynasty

The first step neccesary to start a Dynasty in Elemental is to find a champion of the opposite sex and get him/her to join your cause. In case this isn't clear, what this means is if your Sovereign is a male, then you will need to find a female champion, recruit her and then you can start your Dynasty.
Ok so you found a member of the opposite and managed to recruit him/her, now what? Well the next steps are to conquer their heart by sending them flowers, throwing rocks at her window and all that jazz. Ok not really, go play the Sims if you want that though! Once you find a suitable partner then you will have the option to propose, you can find this button by clicking on the said character and looking at their Action Bar. Example shown in the picture below:


As you can see the button can be found by clicking the Action Tab and looking for the Ring Icon, now you're one step closer to starting your Dynasty! Clicking on the Ring icon will allow you to propose to your prospective wive, after all who can resist someone who can revive the land and has a bigger stick than those other two guys? Besides shes also probably tired of handling said stick since you can see she wields the same one… Ok enough of that…
After clicking the Ring icon in the following screen you get a confirmation dialog as shown in the screenshot below:


Assuming you don't get some cold feet when you are asked if you want to marry her, then this will set the beginning of your powerful dynasty! After getting married you will be presented with this celebration screen:


Now as time goes by you will start having children, which after reaching a certain age will join you in your army as a Champion unit. These children won't be just a normal champion, they will also be poweful casters since they will inherit their Sovereign's magical Essence and unlike normal Champions, won't have to be Imbued to cast spells.
Another thing to take note of is that the children inherit the profession according to the respective gender. In other words, boys will inherit the father's profession and girls will do the same with their mother's profession.

More to come on:

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