Custom Sovereign

07/08/2011 V1.30

In addition to playing one of ten pre-made Sovereigns, the player has the option to create a new Sovereign. The Sovereign's stats and bonuses can be customized along with the name, gender, appearance, and card image. The customization system works by assigning a point value to each gameplay related stat (appearance modifications such as hair style have no cost). The default number of points available is 50, however this can be increased by lowering some base stats or taking one or more weakness talents.


  • Name — Choose character name or hit the random button at end of window.
  • Race — Choose between the ten races of the game: Men, Mancers, Ironeers, Amarians, Tarthans, Krax, Wraiths, Trogs, Urxen, or Quenda (the race of the Sovereign does not have to match the race of the faction chosen later).
  • Gender — Male or Female, makes no difference besides which gender of mate can be chosen.
  • Points — Points remaining to customize your sovereign.


What are your strengths?

Each base stat costs 3 points to increase and provides 3 extra points if you decrease it. Each stat can be decreased to a minimum of 5 and increased to a maximum of 15, gaining or costing a total of 15 points.

  • Strength — Increases attack. 10 Strength gives you 100% of your gear's Attack value, changing by 10% for each point. (9 Attack or lower will result in your gear giving you *less* than the Attack listed by your gear.
  • Dexterity — Increases dodge, or the ability to dodge physical attacks.
  • Intelligence — Determines the level of spells that can be cast as well as the strength of spells.
  • Charisma — Increases Prestige of cities this unit is stationed in.
  • Constitution — Determines hit points. //One Constitution = one hit point.

What spellbooks do you own?

Here you can select which spell books your Sovereign will start out with. The spell books determine which spells can be researched and then cast. You can unlock additional spell books via Magic research. The four spellbooks cost 5 points each.

  • Terraforming
  • Mobility
  • Enchantment
  • Combat

What was your job?

This determines your Sovereign's background. You can only chose one but it costs no points. Each profession gives your Sovereign or your Kingdom a bonus.

  • Miner — Increases the production of metal mines by 20%.
  • Warlord — Sovereign starts the game with two sentinel units.
  • Warrior — Receives an attack rating bonus.
  • Merchant — Produces additional gildar each season.
  • Bard — Decreases the cost of recruiting heroes.
  • Assassin — Initial attacks from champions deal double damage.
  • Thief — More loot after battles.
  • Adventurer — Increased movement.
  • Royalty — Cities have increased prestige.
  • Dungeon Master — Extra damage to creatures.



These provide extra bonuses for the Sovereign/faction.

  • Attunement — Produces 2 mana per season. Cost: 5
  • Brilliant — Produces 1 Tech Knowledge point a seasonwithout the aid of a city. Cost: 10
  • Wealthy — Produces 1 Gildar per season. Cost: 5
  • Green Thumb — Provides 2 food per season. Cost: 5
  • Diplomatic — Increases perceived value of what you trade. Cost: 10
  • Intimidating — Increases spell resistance of Sovereign's army. Cost: 10
  • Tactician — Increases dodge of friendly army in combat. Cost: 10
  • Hardy — Bonus to Sovereign's hit points. Cost: 10
  • Tracker — Sovereign gets an extra move. Cost: 10
  • Naturalist — A mine is near Sovereign's starting position. Cost: 10
  • Meditative — Produces 1 Arcane Knowledge point a season without the aid of a city. Cost: 10
  • Daring — 3% chance Sovereign's attack will avoid defense rating. Cost: 3


These talents provide detrimental effects to the Sovereign. However, they also provide bonus points that you can assign elsewhere.

  • Cowardly — Decreases army spell resistance. Cost: -10
  • Reckless — Lowers dodge ability of army. Cost: -3
  • Clumsy — Sovereign randomly gets less moves per season. Cost: -3
  • Stupid — Increased cost of learning spells. Cost: -3
  • Blunt — Increased cost of recruiting allies. Cost: -3
  • Insane — Decreased prestige in city the in which Sovereign is stationed. Cost: -3
  • Ugly — Fewer children. Cost: -3
  • Inefficient — Construction penalty in city in which the Sovereign is stationed. Cost: -3


These options cost no points and have no gameplay effects.

  • Body — Chooses stance and skin color.
  • Head — Choose hair, facial shape, eyes, and skin (color and style/shape)
  • Clothes — Choose the Sovereign's outfit (color and style)


  • Padded Cap — +1 Defense, Cost: 1
  • Padded Cuirass — +2 Defense, Cost: 2
  • Padded Armlet — +1 Defense, Cost: 1
  • Gnarled Club — +3 Attack, Cost: 1
  • Staff — +5 Attack, Cost: 2
  • Light Wood Shield — +1 Defense, +1 Dodge, Cost: 2
  • Padded Greaves — +1 Defense, Cost: 1
  • Traveling Boots — +1 Movement, Cost: 2


Create a custom background story for how your Sovereign rose to power.


After clicking Save or Next buttons your Sovereign's card is displayed. Here you can confirm the name, review the combat stats, and pick from several poses and backgrounds. You can also enter a quote at the bottom of the card.

Deleting a custom Sovereign.

To remove a custom Sovereign so it no longer shows up in-game, navigate to My Documents\My Games\Elemental\Units and locate the file named SovereignName_-randomnumbers.xml and delete it. You can also delete the SovereignName_randomnumbers.png in the Icons sub-folder.

The other way to remove a custom made Sovereign is to right click their portrait on the Sovereign Selection Screen when starting a new game. When you right click you get a confirmation dialog asking you if you are sure you want to delete your character. If you click yes, your character wil not appear anymore for selection but the Sovereign's XML file will still remain in the above mentioned folder.