Common Unit Designs

Here you can see a few effective unit designs that seem to be fairly common among players. Wages are an important factor to consider, so you don't want to go crazy on the most expensive gear (at least until you have several large cities). Crystal gear will not be listed here due to the multitude of combinations and you don't need it listed here to add it to your own units.

Equipment Requirements Gold Material Metal Turns Wage Notes
Staff None 3 4 0 4 0.23 An immediate upgrade of the Peasant.
Spear Equipment or Tools of War 10 6 0 4 0.30 Tarth can train these immediately.
Padded Cuirass
Spear Armor or Defense 19 22 0 4 0.39 Useful for most of the game (in groups).
Leather Helm
Leather Cuirass
Leather Armlets
Leather Greaves
Cedar Shortbow Ranged Weapons 26 16 0 6 0.46 Basic Archer.
Leather Cuirass Armor or Defense
Broadsword Cutting Weapons 74 37 28 6 0.94 Fairly economical mid-to-late-game unit with high dodge.
Master Heavy Steel Shield Expert Armor Optional: Add Soldier's Cloak
Master Plate Helm
Master Plate Cuirass
Master Plate Armlets
Master Plate Greaves

Wage Formula - A unit costs 0.20 Gildar per turn before any equipment. Wages increase by 0.01 Gildar for each Gildar in the unit's recruitment cost. The tooltips round the wages to the nearest tenth of a Gildar, which makes it harder to tell. The formula for a unit's wage then is: Gildar Cost/100 + 0.20.