Building A City

**07/08/2011 V1.2a **

Once you start a new game you will end up with your selected Sovereign in the main map window. You will usually start near a fertile land (which will be your first source of much needed food), an elemental shard, and a random natural resource.

One of the first things you'll want to do when you start a new game is build a city. Fortunately, your Sovereign starts out in a good place to build your first city, right next to some fertile land. To construct a city, choose your Sovereign and press the B key, or press the Found Kingdom/Empire button on the action bar.


When you press this, the game will pop up a screen saying that founding a kingdom can be done only once, afterwards building new cities can only be done via training Pioneer units in cities. Also, there is an option to station your sovereign in the city.


After building a city, the following screen will pop up:


From here, you can construct buildings or train units (Improve City or Train Units, both of which require population and material), Rename City, and Raze City. This window also shows statistics for the city and resources being generated for your faction by the city.

Your city will appear on the map, with its name printed under it. Once you have a city, you can select it, just like a unit, and you get some related status and controls:


The control bar at the bottom of the screen shows you various things about your city such as how many people it has, how much gold it makes you, and how large it is. You can train units, build improvements and see city details by clicking the town's portrait in the middle of the bar.

Cities will level up after they reach a certain population level. When they level up you will get a screen telling you they leveled up and you will be prompted to choose a bonus. The bonuses include raise Tech Knowledge, Arcane Knowledge, Gildar Production by percentage or you can choose to have a random Guardian unit spawned.