1.01 8/23/2010

These options control the various sounds in the game. They all seem to take effect immediately, no restart required.


Music Volume

Default: 50

The volume of the background music in game.

Event Music Volume

Default: 50

Controls the volume of music played during special events, such as a notice of a quest.

Ambiance Volume

Default: 25

Controls the volume of environmental sounds like wind, birds chirping and so on.

SFX Volume

Default: 50

Sets the volume of all non-music sound in the game.

Enable SFX

Default: Enabled

If turned off, all sound effects are disabled.

Enable Music

Default: Enabled

If turned off, all background music is disabled.

Enable Event Music

Default: Enabled

If turned off, no special event music plays.

Enable Ambient Sound

Default: Enabled

If turned off, disables background sounds.

Speaker Configuration

Default: Stereo Speakers

Sets how many speakers Elemental uses for rendering sound. You should change this to match your setting in Windows unless it causes a problem.