Elemental: War of Magic

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The current version is 1.40

Change Log



These pages are a basic walkthrough of the various function in the game. They'll help you get your empire up and running.

Starting a Game 1.30

Custom Sovereign 1.30

The Main Map 1.2a

Building a City 1.2a

The Empire Tree 1.2a

City Management 1.2a

Technology Tree 1.30


These pages contain in depth documentation of the games various features, creatures, objects, and the like.

Keyboard Commands 1.05

Factions 1.2a

Special Locations 0.255

Unit Design 0.22

Items 0.22

Neutral Units 0.22

The Sovereign 0.22

Towns 0.22

Improvements 0.23

Resources 1.10

Technologies 1.06

Magic 0.00

Weapons, Armor, & Equipment 1.30

Common Unit Designs 1.10 *Warning: Spoilers!*


This section contains info related to modding elemental using XML or the various Workshops provided by Stardock.

Modding Intro 1.01

Builder's Forge

Cartographer's Table

Faction Creator 1.30

Particle Cauldron

Item Editor

Text Editor

Modding Guides

WoM Mods

XML Editing


This is documentation of the various option screens, and what the options currently do.

Gameplay 1.01

Audio 1.01

Video 0.291